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Tods 1: 19 to 24 Months

Tods 2: 25 to 30 months

In our Toddler classrooms, we focus on activities that promote social, emotional and physical development. We work on developing theses skills with the children by putting together a curriculum that emphasizes language and social development, sensory exploration and small and large motor skill activities.


We provide a weekly lesson plan that lays out all activities that will be done for the week. This includes group time, sensory, art projects and large motor activities such as dancing, climbing and playing outside.  We provide parents with daily updates through our Brightwheel system so that the parents are aware of all daily feedings, diaper changes, nap times and activities. Children learn so much from age one to two and our goal is to provide them with a safe, nurturing environment where the children are excited to come to school and learn new things.


Meet the teacher

Callie is our lead teacher in Toddler One. 


Meet the teacher

Ms. Rubi is our Toddler 2 teacher.

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