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5 year olds

Our Pre-Kindergarten program consists of a classroom with a maximum of 20 children and two teachers in the classroom. The Pre-K Program is designed to prepare the children academically and socially with the learning experiences they need in order to succeed in Kindergarten.

Pre-Kindergarten can potentially become a child’s most exciting year in school. In our Pre-K program, children learn to interact with others as well as monitor their own behavior. Children learn to express themselves through words, art, and music while also developing observation and thinking skills through math, science, sensory and other gross motor skill activities. Our teachers provide a weekly lesson plan that outlines all activities for the week. This includes but is not limited to group time, reading, writing, sensory, science, social studies and large motor skill activities. Participation in the Pre-K Program is always encouraged and helps children develop pre-academic and social skills that will help them in their educational career along with building friendships, having fun, and making memories.


Pre-K Teacher

Ms. Daisy is our Pre-K Teacher

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