"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela

Our Infant classroom starts at the age of 6 weeks and continues until 12 months. While we, work with our babies to help them reach all of their milestones; we also work hard to help create a warm home-like environment for them. Our Infant room is ran on a on demand schedule, where we happily accommodate their needs as they arise. Our infant ratio is 4:1.



Our Waddler room starts at the age of 12 months and continues until 18 months. In this class we do activities that help promote social, emotional, and physical growth. We help them to communicate and, give them the tools to start building relationships. This classroom maxes out at 10 kids with two teachers.


Toddler 1 & 2

Our Toddler rooms start at the age of 18 months and continues until 30 months. This class focusses on helping the children learn to better communicate and starts to introduce potty training. During this time the children begin to learn their shapes, colors, and letters helping prepare them for preschool.


Discovery Preschool

Our Discovery Preschool room starts at 30 months and continues until 3 years. In this class we have an age appropriate curriculum which promotes language development, social and emotional skills. This class has a large focus on potty training.



Our Preschool classroom starts at 3 years and goes until 4 years. Students must be fully potty trained to be in this classroom. This classroom is designed to help the children be ready for Pre-K by working on problem solving, communicating, early reading, writing, math and more.



Our Pre-Kindergarten class starts at 4 years and continues until the children go off to kindergarten. We work hard with the children to get them prepared for kindergarten. They will be working on problem solving, communicating, early reading, writing, math and much more.